Ahok is The Controversy

Ahok, is the name that’s very familiar today decorating the news. Ahok is incumbent Governor of Jakarta.

Ahok mostly to focused of the news because his “controversial” actions and manners.

Why is Ahok becoming the center of news? There are some reason:
1. He is non Muslim.
Indonesia is the most populous muslim country, including Jakarta,the Capital City of Indonesia. Basically mostly muslim in Indonesia are very tolerant. They respect to others religion activities. But for electing the leader, it is recommended for muslim to elect the muslim leader than non muslim. It is why some Islamic organization campaign to not vote Ahok. It is make sense, why? because logically,every religion has their own mission to promote their religion. What will be happen when the leader of muslim community is non muslim? are he still independent or not tend giving more benefit to his own religion/group?

2. He is Chinese descent.
Chinese descents have live in Indonesia since thousands years. They focus on trading activities. They dominate economic activities than native Indonesian. But it was rarely a Chinese become state officer or administrator. As native Indonesian, mostly they do not want their country was dominated by Chinese in all sectors.

The History recorded the relation between Chinese and native has some problems. It was strengthened in Colonial era that Netherlands Indiche Government at that time has politics strategy to separate the Chinese and native with many ways. The Netherlands did not want both of them unify to fight against the colonial ruler.

In Indonesia, until now the SARA (ethnics, religion, races, inter group) issues is still become sensitive.

3. He sometimes has temperament action, and vulgar statements.
4. He has persistent, discipline, and assertive on his rule.
5. He is brave to fight against DKI Parliament.


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