Kosakata Bahasa Arab – Makan

أَكَلَ • ‎(ʾakala) I, non-past يَأْكُلُ‎ (yaʾkulu)

to eat, to consume, to swallow, to devour
to destroy
to gnaw, to eat away, to corrode, to erode
to spend unlawfully
to enrich oneself, to feather one’s nest

لا تآكل : la ta’kulu = jangan dimakan!
From Proto-Semitic *ʾakal- (root ء ك ل ‎(ʾ-k-l)).


(2:265:17) ukulahā its harvest

(4:161:6) wa-aklihim and (for) their consuming

(5:3:17) akala ate (it)

(5:62:8) wa-aklihimu and eating

(5:63:8) wa-aklihimu and their eating

(5:66:11) la-akalū surely they (would have) eaten

(6:141:11) ukuluhu (are) its taste

(12:14:3) akalahu eats him

(12:17:10) fa-akalahu and ate him

(13:4:21) l-ukuli the fruit

(13:35:10) ukuluhā Its food

(14:25:2) ukulahā its fruit

(18:33:4) ukulahā its produce

(20:121:1) fa-akalā Then they both ate

(34:16:10) ukulin producing fruit


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