IFRS.. what??

Finally, I start to write about IFRS. What is that? IFRS is international standard which regulate about how to present financial statement properly.

The complete definition IFRS=International Financial Reporting Standard.

Applying the IFRS in Indonesia was started on 2012. The Indonesian financial accounting standard or PSAK (pernyataan standar akuntansi keuangan) starting from that year gradually adopt the IFRS standards.

Those alternation from old PSAK to IFRS need some clausal changes because previously Indonesia took US GAAP as reference. Some US GAAP has different clausal with IFRS which is originated from London (Anglo Accounting pole).

Actually, what is my purpose to write IFRS? Just to update my knowledge in order to no easy forgotten because I am an accountant. It is my responsibility to concern about my basic knowledge and share to anyone who interest in.

Lets start to IFRS 1. (next post)


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