Crash of Old Military Plane

The current news yesterday shocked me, on 1 July 2015 the Hercules fell down in Ginting Street near Medan not far away from Suwondo Airbase. The Hercules loaded 9 crew and 102 passenger according its manifest. Nobody survive.. all dead. The passenger were military personnel from PasKhas (Air force special Wing) and civilians.

According to the Airbase control officer, the Hercules pilot tried to contact the airbase control after taking off for return request.

Base on investigation, the crash Hercules is old plane. It was built in 1964 by its Manufacturer. According to data, up to now the Indonesia Air force has 24 Hercules with 10 active in services.
Observers said that the crash of the plane because old factors, and other hand caused by over capacity of loading. The other observer said the civilians joint the Hercules flying by paying some money to the “Calo”.

The President Jokowi said deep condolence to the victim families, and instructed the minister of defense and Military Chief to investigate the tragedy also evaluate all of the military transport equipment.

Old plane need more maintenance cost, or should be grounded.
Military flying need evaluate system to prevent overcapacity and misuse.
Future planning  military aircraft maintenance and need planning, how many aircraft should Indonesia have? Buy new? And how to maintenance?


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