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The feeling of Fear about God

December 6, 2013

Friday, December 06, 2013

Indorama building 7th floor,  Beringin life Mosque.

Statement from Friday Preach that Muslim should introspect deeply about their activities. The preacher said do we fear to God? If we do not fear about God, we will lose the quality of iman. We should emerge the feeling of worry if our praying will not accepted by God, so it will prompt to improve the quality of praying.

Preacher also remained the Jamaah about the vision of live whether the vision only for dunia or akhirat. The vision for dunia is very short, because the human has limited on their life, moreover the vision for akhirat is eternal –unlimited life.

Please consider and contemplate…


Ya Hayyu.. Ya Qoyum, The Ijazah from Tukang Ojek

December 5, 2013

It was about 3 weeks ago at the early of Nov 2013, on the morning day I went to my school at Indorama, Patra Kuningan, Jakarta. I went by Ojek from the Cawang railway station to Indorama Building. On the Ojek Journey, I open conversation to the Tukang Ojek, we talk each other to live the atmosphere. I still remember a liitle bit about our conversations as follow… The Ojek said, “I has Ojek from some years.. ,I feel very happy.. I never feel poor because God always give the sufficient rizki to me, I believe.. it has been happen after practicing this dzikir.. Ya Hayyu.. Ya Qoyyum as much as possible at every time”. He said this dzikir was gotten from Habib Ali, an ulama from Bukit Duri. He always going to ngaji at Habib home every Saturday.

The tukang Ojek recommended me to practice this dzikir. He also recommended me to come to Habib Ali teaching at Bukit Duri. This Tukang Ojek is great, He tell his story to me by heart, honest and sincerely.

This Ojek statement actually inspired me. I realize maybe it was God’s guidance via him. After searching from the Internet, I know that statement praying..Ya Hayyu..ya Qoyyum (O’ The Living, O The Sustaining).. it has deep meaning. It is a kind of the statement to express the acknowledgment of the God’s existence, and the Eternal Power of God.. Allah The Almighty. It is the expression about the nothing of Human without God’ help. Person who express this praying will guide his heart to depend fully to God, he will have deep faith upon Him, He will feel more confident..more syukur.. more happy… and the consequence, he will be given more rizki, …InsyaAllah.
“Thank you very much Pak Tukang Ojek from your teaching..! ’… May Allah give you the best berkah..

Tukang Ojek = motorbike driver who offer his motorbike to bring the passager to the destinative address.
Dzikir= Remembering of God, Calling to Him.
Ijazah = islamic teaching who give from a Guru/ulama with approval to practice it.
Syukur = the expression of thank to God
Rizki/rejeki = Lucy, good fortune from God.
Berkah = Blessing
Ngaji = study of Islam

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