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The Evolution of Soekarno’s Power

May 7, 2013

As people knows Soekarno has power to energize the Indonesian to struggle against Dutch imperialism. The power of Soekarno was the ability to agitate and to inspire Indonesian people to get their rights and dignity, its power developed from his young age to his president era as follows:
1. Children Age
When Soekarno age was under seven, he has supra natural power to healing the sickness. According to Soekarno statement in Cindy Adam’s Book, He could heal the sick man/women by licking his tongue to the sickness point.
The question is, why did he got its healing power? Maybe it is the blessing from the God, but maybe it can be as result of his father praying. According to the story, his father approach to the God by doing ritual intention since his mom pregnancy in order his son to be great man.

2. Teenager Age
Soekarno spent his teenager in the boarding house owned by H.O.S Cokro, an Islamic Activist. The activity of Activist such as gathering the mass, making coordination meeting and giving oration to their member, influences him to learn politics. Young soekarno actively communed and learned to HOS Cokro. He always practiced oration in his room alone. His friends surprised form this activity, and they sometimes peeked his action. From this case, the power of Soekarno oration grew because he trained and developed from his young age.

3. Collage Time
Soekarno took almost seven years in collage. In these years, he read so many books and communed with many the intellectual people. The collage education sharpened his logic and knowledge. Logic and western culture enriched his power grew completely.

Soekarno power became stronger after examining many years from the time to the time, from the jail to the jail. His suppressed condition in the Jail sharpened his eye’s heart to see the vision of Indonesia’s independence.