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Soekarno, the charismatics leader of Indonesia

April 18, 2013

When you ask somebody in Indonesia whether familiar with name of Soekarno, mostly they will answer “yes I know”. He was the first president of Indonesia, he had declared the proclamation of the freedom of Indonesia from dutch colony. How’s Soekarno’s life and how he becomes so charismatics? Let’s read the story below.

Soekarno was born at Surabaya on July 1901. His father’s name is R. Soekemi dan her mother is Ida Ayu. Her father is a teacher while his mother is a daughter of Balinese royal family. They are met when R. Soekemi has on duty in Bali. The baby’s name of soekarno is Kusno, because he often had sickness, his father changed the name from “Kusno” to “Soekarno”.

Young soekarno growth at the heterogeneous culture. His father is Javanese while his mother is Balinese with Hindu belief. He schooled at dutch educational school, starting form HIS, MULO and finally finished at Bandung Techniche Hogeschoole (now known as ITB). Dutch education led him to be discipline, open minded and rational boy.

When he schooled at MULO, he stayed at HOS Cokro’s boarding house. HOS Cokro is an activist at that time. He established and lead Syarikat Dagang Islam, an Islamic trader community that against Dutch monopoly in trading. HOS Cokro house often to be placed of its organisation meeting. The activity of HOS Cokro and their community actually make the attention of Soekarno. He sometime peeked and listened what they talked and discussed. Actually, since from this era, Soekarno started to be interest in politics.

After finishing his collage at Bandung, He worked at dutch company but felt unsuitable. He try to work as a teacher at high school. He taugh in history. When was being teaching, his orator’s talent developed fast. The headmaster of the school adviced him to be an activist. At this era, The dutch colonizations placed the Indonesia’s indigenous as second degree, Some dutch treated indigenous people (pribumi) as slaver. This condition made confrontation of Soekano’s heart. Finally, he started focus on politics. Realizing his vision to raise and to struggle the degree of pribumi, on 1927 he established the Indonesia National Party (PNI).

So, how the charisma of soekarno grow up? And When? To be continued..