Starting point Nov 9, 2008

Starting point at Nov 9, 2008.

This afernoon, i m starting to write everything.. hope can be shared to all the worlds readers. yah..actually i inspired by my friend.l. After surfing at her blog makes me feel shame. why she can write good stories..why i m not, so when i ll start? ..yah now…now this moment i start to write everything, anything or something that can be shared to all of readers. hope it can be a lightment!

yah start! start and go! whenever you feel ..please start to be better..better and the best!

I remenber a philosophy from a local ulema in Indonesia . He said ‘”mulai dari diri sendiri..mulai dari yang kecil dan mulai saat ini …untuk mencapai perubahan dan perbaikan”‘ ..start from ourself..start form the smallthings and statt now! to get the change and betterment.

That phylosophy above has a deep meaning. Change acctually comes from ourself not other people..change comes from smallthings step by step and then becomes bigger and bigger..change comes from now not from the future cause now is a phase for future right? if we not start when? everthing goes fast ..don’t be put your self in late runner guys!

a proveb said that Rome was not build a night, yeah Rome built in a thousands day ..but it start from building of small hut. exactly!

So staaaaaart now!




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